Inspiring A New Generation Of Leaders And Creating A Vision For The Future

Our CEO, Dennis Kleidon, visited Bowling Green State University this past week as a faculty member of the Krach Transformational Leaders Workshop (KTLW) hosted by Sigma Chi Fraternity.Sigma Chi was founded at Miami University in 1855 where a group of seven young men shared the same dream; to create a fraternity which can extend well past the college years. Founded on the ideals of Friendship, Justice and Education, Sigma Chi continues to both shape the lives of leaders and have a positive impact on the community to this day.

Dennis, an alumnus of the fraternity and professor emeritus of The University of Akron, led thoughtful discussions with students from across North America at the workshop on the idea of transforming their current reality into a new vision for their lives

“Our objective is to create a vision for the future that is so advanced, so well designed, so exciting, that it makes our current reality obsolete and undesirable.”

Breaking down this complex idea into digestible segments, Dennis noted that there are seven key components to this strategy; vision, imperatives, discovery, goals, action plan, implementation, and evaluation.

The concept involved taking a goal and turning it into an actionable plan. Dennis, who has been chasing his dreams all his life, was the perfect teacher for this event. Dennis mentioned how he was honored to be chosen and that he is excited to see the great work that this group of passionate young professionals brings to the world moving forward.