Three for Three: Tips, Tales and Trends for CEOs

Three for Three is a monthly podcast for business owners and organization leaders. Host Kurt Kleidon sits down with a different guest each episode and discusses ways to run a better business. Guests are then challenged to hold their laugh as Kurt tells three “dad jokes.” Catch the latest episode below.

Matt Keeler, Walnut Creek Foods

Host Kurt Kleidon asks Matt Keeler, VP of Sales and Marketing for Walnut Creek Foods in Walnut Creek, Ohio, how he has managed marketing and communications during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Joe Swiatkowski is the president of a third-generation wholesale food and snack company, Hickory Harvest Foods, in Akron, Ohio. He shares three tips about his leadership has gotten the company through the pandemic of 2020.

Matthew Hogan takes over as the host for this episode and interviews Kurt Kleidon on three communication tips that are critical for helping your organization succeed in 2020.

Mike Palmer is the president of Dutchman Hospitality Group and oversees a multifaceted company that provides hospitality experiences in the areas of lodging, shopping and restaurants. He provides his insight on how to lead your team in a way that will create a great customer experience.

Jay Mellon is an expert at keeping companies safe when it comes to network security, protecting your data and your client’s data and using prevention to keep you safe from hackers and bots.

Glenda Lehman Ervin helps run one of the most unique “general stores” that is dedicated to off-the-grid and sustainable living. She is also represents a second generation leading a company that was started in 1955. Find out what she has to say about running a family business.

California’s Jeet Banerjee rides the cutting edge of digital marketing. He has been doing it for a better portion of his life. This TEDx speaker shares how businesses can engage with AI and bots, Instagram and influencers.

Matt MacLaren knows how tourism businesses succeed. He provides three tips on how individual businesses and tourism bureaus can elevate their brand and marketing to the next level.

Tia Ramlow is an expert on hiring and staffing for manufacturing and service companies. She bring three tips on what to consider when you are making hiring decisions, particularly as it affects your company’s culture.

Minor league baseball owner Ken Babby gives three tips on how to refresh your brand and build a great organization.

Chicago’s Chuck Fetterly offers three tips on how to get the most out of your media budget and accomplish your marketing goals.

Nancy Marshall of Marshall Communications has three tips on new ways of pitching to the media.

Branding expert Christine Tieri of Sturbridge, Massachusetts, brings three tips for branding trends in 2018.

Graphic designer Jim Kuty gives three tips on how to design a logo and when it makes sense to work with a professional.

Cindy Lind of TMC in Crystal Lake, Illinois, provides three tips on trade show trends for 2018.