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We greatly appreciate positive reviews from our clients and associates. As we like to say, “Every time someone posts a nice comment about Kleidon, an angel gets its wings.” Or something like that.

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Reviews don’t need to be long or complicated. A sentence or two (or even just a few words) is fine.

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Sample reviews

Here are a few reviews for inspiration that others have written about Kleidon”

“I would not make any  marketing decisions without first consulting with Kleidon.”

“We rely on Kleidon & Associates to deliver creative projects on time and on budget. They get it right every time.”

“We have been very pleased with all of the work you have done and look forward to working with you again soon.”

Can I just leave a rating?

Absolutely, depending on the platform you are reviewing on. Google allows for ratings without reviews, but Facebook and LinkedIn require descriptions.

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Dang, that stinks! We would appreciate any advice and constructive feedback in the form on this page so that we can evaluate, improve, and, if desired, get back to you. You are welcome to leave anonymous feedback.

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